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Dear Intercessor, God builds us in Prayer!

Last week, we talked about how prayer prepares us. But even as prayer prepares us, it builds us! Are we not like that to a spiritual house being built up by God (1 Peter 2:5)? The place of prayer is the place where God takes the structure of who we are and determines what is he wants to keep and what he deems as things that need to be thrown away. It is the place of demolition, yes. But the process of building a structure does not occur without first breaking, tearing, or removing something that doesn’t fit the mold of the new impending structure.

So dear Intercessor, in this season, SUBMIT.


AND SURRENDER WITHOUT RESISTANCE! God is trying to desperately build you up, even in the moments when you feel as if he’s tearing you completely down. The Lord is searching you and through that process, is removing the things that no longer serve you purpose.

He isn’t a destroying you, he’s building you. Allow the place of prayer to be the place where you as Gods Intercessor, allow Him to shift you into the original mold that he has set in His mind for you as a structure of the kingdom of God!

Declare it with me:

  • God is building me in prayer!

  • God is molding me in prayer!

  • God is structuring me in prayer!

~ Signed, a fellow Intercessor.

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