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Dear Intercessor

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Dear Intercessor,

Welcome home! Let this be the place of encouragement, strength, divine knowledge, and understanding. It is my prayer that you experience the fathers' love for you as you are constantly reminded through each reading that even the intercessor has an intercessor (romans 8:34). 


Do you desire direction about deepening and cultivating your relationship with the father?

Does your relationship with the father seem to be affected when facing disappointment and/or doubt?



Michaella Ellis is a dynamic Christian blogger, author, speaker, prophetic dancer, and intercessory prayer expert based in Houston, Texas. With a unique blend of spiritual insight, relatability, and authenticity, Michaella offers a refreshing perspective on the power of prayer and the necessity of intercession. She passionately shares her personal experiences and journey, resonating with audiences from all walks of life. As an engaging teacher, Michaella captivates audiences with her energetic presence and thought-provoking teachings, empowering individuals to unleash their spiritual potential. Through her online platform, she offers practical resources, immersive prayer classes, and thought-provoking Bible studies tailored for intercessors and seekers of truth. Her blog, "Dear Intercessor," serves as a safe space for individuals looking for solace, guidance, and encouragement in the intercession community. Michaella's mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to discover the enriching power of prayer, pushing them to embrace a more dynamic prayer life and unlock the full potential of their prayer journey and relationship with God.





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