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Dear Intercessor, don’t forsake the place of prayer! It’s your greatest posture.

Intercessors need prayer lives. 

Intercessors need prayer lives.

Intercessors NEED prayer lives.

Why? Because how can you pray for others when you won’t even go into the secret place for yourself?

Yes, I know. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s a necessary one! As an intercessor, you cannot afford to not have a personal prayer life! 

Your personal prayer life is the one place where you can get filled without also getting drained. It’s the one place where God can directly pour into you so that you can effectively pour into others. The true river that continuously sustains the intercessor is PRAYER! 

Now, let me refresh your memory. 

Why is prayer important? 

Prayer is the place of preparation.

The Posture of Prayer positions you to receive the preparation needed for your next in God. 

Example: Jesus was one of the greatest examples of what a true intercessor is. He carried the weight of the world upon his shoulders, and became the gap filler to where we now have direct access to the Father, through Him! Though Jesus was a master intercessor, he understood the importance of personal prayer and would never forsake that private place (Luke 5:16). Ultimately, prayer prepared Jesus for the place of the cross. It prepared him for the assignment. It added strength unto him, physically and spiritually. It took away the things of hindrance, and added the things of necessity. It helped him in times of extreme weakness and times of intense inner conflict; with both himself and the burden of the cross he had to endure (Luke 22:40-43). The word preparation is defined as the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration. Each time Jesus was in prayer, he was showing the Father His submission to his plan, his surrenderance to being the considered one, and his allowance for God to prepare him for the full weight of the assignment at hand. 

What does this mean for us as God’s intercessors?

No matter what season of our Intercession duty as God’s prayer warriors and watchmen, we must never forsake the place of prayer! The posture of prayer is the announcement to God that he can prepare us; that we have understood the time of our now, but are ready to begin the preparation for our next and ultimate assignment in Him. 

So Dear Intercessor, don’t forsake the place of prayer. 

It’s necessary for your next, and for your now!

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